Cylinders and Gas Fills

Bolsen Marine Gas Blending Station
At the Dive Technician workshop, we have everything you need to ensure you are covered for all your diving needs.
✔ Singles (11L)
✔ Singles (13L)
✔ Singles (15L)
✔ Doubles (2 x 11L)
✔ Sidemount (11L, L+R)
✔ 5.5L (S40) Stage Bottles
✔ 7.0L (S50) Slim Stage Bottles
✔ 7.0L (S50) Baby Cylinders
✔ Cylinder Visual Inspection
✔ Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing
✔ Cylinder O2-Servicing
✔ Cylinder Valves (PRO-DIN, Doubles, In-Line)
Superior Air Quality and Cylinder Cleanliness

Why Us?

✔ ISO 9001 and 45001 certified diving workshop
✔ SGS Lab-Certified Air Quality (exceeds purity requirements of SS 511:2015)
✔ We provide HYPER-FILTERED AIR for all fills – (no oily air!)
✔ All our cylinders are Oxygen-Clean!
✔ Strict annual maintenance standards
✔ Large fleet of all cylinder types
✔ Fully-equipped to provide different gas mixes
✔ Hassle-free ordering and delivery
✔ Very reasonable prices