Marine & Underwater Services

  • Defence & Security Underwater Specialist
  • Harbour and Long-Range Surface, Subsea and Underwater Equipment Sea-Trial Support
  • Professional Dive Support Team
  • Underwater Search & Recovery
  • Diving and Research Support Vessel Charter
  • Technical Mixed-Gas Blending Facility
  • Underwater Equipment Maintenance Facility
    • ASSET / IDEST UK Certified Advanced Equipment Maintenance Technicians
    • Kirby Morgan Dive Helmets Servicing (KMDSI certified technicians)
    • Cylinders Hydrostatic Testing and Oxygen Servicing
    • SCUBA Regulator Servicing
    • SCUBA Replacement Units
    • Diver Air Control Panels
  • Manufacturing and Worldwide Distribution of Professional Diving Tools, Parts and Equipment

Professional Diving Team

Commitment to Excellence Since 2002

Underwater Equpment Workshop